Steel Trusses Are Easy To Work With! Watch And See Us Set A 54 Foot Truss.



My Steel Trusses come with our industry leading 30 year structural guarantee! Wood truss manufactures usually only offer a very basic 1 year coverage due to the inherent material defects such as wood warping, dry rot, wood swelling and even wood boring insects of wood.  We can stand behind our steel trusses for longer thanks to the many advantages that steel offers that their traditionally wood constructed counterparts simply can’t compete with. Our trusses work amazing for wider home construction, pole barns and warehouses where larger roof load bearing spans are needed. Steel trusses are not as heavy as wood timber designs, Yet steel is stronger per pound than wood and requires less support when properly designed. Steel trusses are capable handling higher winds and crucial weight loads vital for roofs exposed to more severe weather conditions. A steel truss is an investment that will provide extra protection against challenging weather and add strength to almost any structure.

Our architecture and structural engineering team carefully review each truss we construct to insure the highest quality product is shipped every time! Trusses are essential components of almost all construction projects. Lightweight steel frame technology has been in use in Australia for over 50 years, but relatively recent advances in computer aided design and manufacturing have dramatically improved manufacturing accuracy and speed, making lightweight steel frame trusses the sensible choice for a very much wider range of applications than before.

In fact lightweight steel frames manufactured by SFS are being used in projects which previously would have been almost impossible, such as kit homes including floor systems, frames and trusses which can be flat packed and shipped across the country or overseas.

While the two major advantages of using lightweight steel frame trusses are speed (steel frame trusses are preconstructed and arrive on site in panels ready to be put together) and cost (both in terms of materials and labor), here are some other reasons why steel framing is a better choice for truss construction than traditional timber trusses:

  • preconstruction means quicker assembly on site

  • construction can continue through inclement weather

  • assembly is straightforward and does not need traditional components and tools

  • modification on site is easy compared to the need to cut/weld structural steel

  • light weight means big cranes are often not needed